Family-Centered Care

A Thank You Lasts Forever

Our policy doesn't allow staff to accept personal gifts of thanks from patients and families. Please be assured that a simple "thank you" is all the appreciation we need.

If you have questions or would like information about making a donation to CHOP, call the Hospital Foundation at 267-426-5332 or visit

Family-Centered Care at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Mom and Infant

Here at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia we realize that for the families of a sick child, it is an experience that only you really understand. Parents lives are affected — sometimes profoundly — when a disease or illness strikes a child.

We know that families are a primary source of strength and support for a sick child, and that recovery and healing happens within the context of a family. 

This is why we integrate the principles of patient- and family-centered care into every aspect of our healthcare delivery system. Use this site, and the links below, to learn more about family-centered care at CHOP, and to answer the following: 

Your voice matters!

One of the best ways we can embody the principles of patient- and family-centered care is by listening to your feedback and incorporating it into our policies, procedures, and daily operations.

We take great pride in the partnerships we create with families, and utilize our feedback form to help us monitor the quality of the care we provide.

Please help us by sharing your feedback about your experiences. Whether we did something great or need to work on an issue, we want your opinion.

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