Family-Centered Care

Family's Perspective

CharlotteCHOP: Where They Work With You — Charlotte's story

Charlotte's family spent the first month of Charlotte's life at their local hospital searching for answers about her persistently low blood sugar levels. Once they learned she had congenital hyperinsulinism, they knew they had to come to CHOP's Congenital Hyperinsulism Center for treatment. Learn more »

AndreaA Guiding Hand, a Caring Partner — Andrea's story

Andrea, the youngest of four kids, had a stroke during her first few months of life. Learn how the doctors and staff at CHOP have guided and cared for her and her family »

WilliamComplimentary Coping Styles Put Their Son First — William's story

William was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a heart condition that requires open-heart surgery shortly after birth. Read about his parents' complimentary coping styles that helped them do their best for William »

PriyaWe All Need Somebody to Lean on — Priya's story

Priya had a stroke as an infant. Now, a spirited 14-year-old, Priya's family owes her recovery to the exceptional medical care and the support the entire family received at CHOP.
Read Priya's story and how her family found CHOP a place to learn on »

JoshKids Care: a Model to Build Trusting Relationships — Josh's story

Josh had a surgery to treat his ulcerative colitis when he was 16 and later developed Crohn's disease. Learn about his experience at CHOP, which he calls “Disney World of Hospitals" and how he stayed optimistic through it all » 

Date: December 2013

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