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Spread the word and become an advocate for birth defects awareness.

About 150,000 babies are born in the United States with a birth defect each year, many with conditions so rare that most parents – and even some physicians – have never heard of them.

There are thousands of different birth defects. And while there has been a lot of research to advance our knowledge, the causes of some birth defects are still unknown. Too often, families aren’t made aware of the treatments available at a place like the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment, and they are left feeling overwhelmed, with few options.

Spreading the word about these conditions and the treatment options available is vital, and you can help. As a family member or friend of a child with a birth defect you have a unique perspective and a distinctive voice. Sharing your personal experience is the most powerful advocacy tool that exists. Engaging and educating the public and our leaders is an essential step toward improving access to care, increasing funding for scientific research and educational programs, and passing laws that will allow for crucial early diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some ways you can get involved and become an advocate for children with birth defects:

Every little bit you do to spread the word will inspire others to do the same, and together we can make a real difference and offer hope to countless families around the world! The information on these pages will help get you started.

Give Hope

You can help other families by contributing to research and programs that are improving the standard of care and finding new treatment options for babies with birth defects. Learn how you can help.

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Meet our Champions

Get to know some of the amazing patients and families we’ve treated for rare fetal conditions. Read their inspiring stories.


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Hope for the Future

Read about the Center's annual family reunion and view photos of patients celebrating life.

Birth Defects Awareness and Advocacy Family Toolkit

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