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Be an Advocate

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help protect the health and safety of children with birth defects in your community and the wider world? Children have no vote. But they do have a voice – yours. Advocate by sharing your story with elected officials and the public to create change.

Advocacy can improve the lives of children with birth defects by:

Community Advocacy

This type of advocacy draws a community’s attention to important issues at a local level (such as neighborhoods, schools and healthcare facilities). Community advocacy works by gaining support from our fellow citizens and elected representatives to bring about change.

Legislative Advocacy

Advocacy means “to speak up.” Legislative advocacy is speaking up for another or championing a cause in order to change public policy. As citizens, we have the ability to change laws, including those that affect children. We can do this by voicing our concerns to our legislators – writing letters, making phone calls and/or speaking in front of committees.

The following websites can help you identify your legislators:

When contacting legislators by phone:

When contacting a legislator by letter, fax or email:

Address your letter as follows:

When writing to a U.S. senator or state senator When writing to a governor When writing to a U.S. representative, state representative or assemblyman

The Honorable Mary/John Doe
(mailing address here)

Dear Senator Doe:

The Honorable Mary/John Doe
(mailing address here)

Dear Governor Doe:

The Honorable Mary/John Doe
(mailing address here)

Dear Ms./Mr. Doe:


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