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Healthy Weight Clinical Pathways

Your child ideally completes three separate visits within about six weeks, meeting a physician or nurse practitioner, a registered dietitian, a physical activity specialist, a social worker and/or a clinical psychologist. After meeting each member of our team, the team will work with you to identify which pathway of treatment best suits you and your family.

There are five treatment programs, which we call Pathways, that your child could follow.

  1. Standard Pathway: Your child alternates between two visits with a registered dietitian and physical activity specialist, and one visit with a physician or nurse practitioner and social worker. This pattern alternates at a frequency (for example, every two weeks) that works well with your family.
  2. Preparing for Change Pathway: Your child has three to five visits with the clinical psychologist to prepare to make eating and physical activity changes. Your child may also meet with a registered dietitian or physical activity specialist and then move on to the Standard Pathway.
  3. Intensive Pathway: Your child comes to the clinic for 12 weekly visits, including group and individual sessions.
  4. Modified Pathway: Your child’s needs are accommodated if unable to fully participate in the Standard Pathway.
  5. Bariatric Pathway: This pathway is an option for eligible adolescent patients considering surgical weight loss options, while also working on healthy behavior changes. This pathway is a collaborative effort between CHOP’s Healthy Weight Program and Penn Medicine.

The above descriptions serve as a guide. Your child’s Healthy Weight physician or nurse practitioner may recommend changes to any pathway to best meet your child’s needs.

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