Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center

Thrombosis Program 

As the Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center Medical Director, Dr. Leslie Raffini leads the Thrombosis Program. Through clinical research, patient care, physician and provider education, and program development, the Thrombosis Program has become one of the nation’s premier programs for safe and effective management of anticoagulation (use of blood thinners), thromboprophylaxis (prevention of blood clots), and general hematologic care.

The thrombosis team is dedicated to providing accurate diagnosis, appropriate testing and imaging studies, and expert treatment to prevent or treat blood clots in children and adolescents, with a strong emphasis on safety and monitoring.

The team offers comprehensive patient and family education and support, physical therapy, assists with access to care, identifying barriers to care and helps develop strategies to overcome such barriers, and helps in communication and advocacy with schools, employers and insurance companies.

Clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals

CHOP has developed anticoagulation medication guidelines for management of pediatric blood clots/thromboembolic disorders:

To help you maintain communication with the team, the names and contact information for the Thrombosis Program Team is listed here:

Physicians: 215-590-3437
Leslie Raffini, MD, MSCE  
Char Witmer, MD, MSCE  
Michele Lambert, MD  
Spencer Sullivan, MD  
Hematologist on call: 215-590-1000
Program Coordinator:  
Mary Louise Mattia 215-590-4493
HTC Nurse Coordinator:  
Regina Butler, RN 215-590-2198, (fax) 267-426-2275
Nursing: 215-590-3058
Marilyn Blumenstein, CRNP (Thrombosis Nurse Manager)  
Miriam O'Neill, RN  
MaryLou MacDermott, CRNP  
Social Work:  
Melina Martin, LCSW 267-426-2831
Michael Schiller, LSW (Health Insurance) 267-425-3095
Physical Therapy: 215-590-5819
Ukeme Barnes, RN 267-425-3146
Stephanie, Shealy (Thrombosis and Bleeding) 267-426-7096
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