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The 1st Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease

We invite you to participate in the First Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease at the International Conference Center, Accra, Ghana, July 20-23, 2010. The Congress is sponsored by:

Commemorating a key event in sickle cell disease history

In 2010, we will commemorate an important event in the modern history of sickle cell disease --  the 100th anniversary of the seminal paper on sickle cell disease. The November 1910 issue of the medical journal Archives of International Medicine (Arch Intern Med 1910:VI(5):517-521) published a report by Dr. James B. Herrick titled, "Peculiar elongated and sickle-shaped red blood corpuscles in a case of severe anemia."

In that paper, Dr. Herrick described Walter Clement Noel, a young man from Grenada who had come to the United States of America to study dentistry at the Chicago College of Dental Surgery. Three months after arriving in Chicago, Mr. Noel sought medical attention at Presbyterian Hospital on Dec. 26, 1904. Dr. Ernest E. Irons, an intern training under Dr. Herrick, examined the blood of Mr. Noel and noted the abnormally shaped red blood cells in a person with anemia and symptoms typical of the disease that soon became known as "sickle cell anemia." The case report of this discovery was the first mention of sickle cells in the literature.

Who will attend the Congress

The First Global Congress on Sickle Cell Disease will bring together an international group of professionals and interested individuals, including:

Congress topics and activities


Presentations at the Congress will focus on the following topics:


Research scientists form developing and developed nations will have the opportunity to advance research collaborations through workshops, as a follow up to the January 2009 Benin Symposium and Workshop, at which the Global Sickle Cell Disease Research Network was inaugurated.

In addition, the Congress will follow up the joint World Health Organization-Thalssemia International Federation (WHO-TIF) Meeting on Management of Haemoglobin Disorders held at Nicosia, Cyprus in Nov. 2007, with adoption of a plan for the establishment of a Sickle Cell Disease International Federation, representing countries and regions where sickle cell disease and related conditions are a public health issue.

For more information

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