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Patient Safety in Home Care

The Quality and Patient Safety Program at Children's Hospital Home Care supports CHOP's highest priority — to be the safest Children's Hospital by keeping our patients free from harm.

Our program promotes a culture of patient safety and continues to work to improve the quality and safety of all services provided by Home Care.

Patient safety rounds

Children's Hospital Home Care performs patient safety rounds in support of the hospital's ongoing journey to become the safest children's hospital.

Safety rounds are a way for healthcare staff and families to set time aside to jointly discuss patient safety issues and safety concerns. These safety rounds take place in both the office and in the patient's home, where the majority of Home Care's clinical services are provided.

As a result of safety rounds and the data we have collected, we have implemented practice changes to improve patient care and patient safety.

Regulatory: Accreditation, licensure and certification

Joint Commission

The Home Care Program is Joint Commission accredited to provide the following services:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

The Home Care program is a Medicare-certified home health nursing agency and a Medicare-certified durable medical equipment supplier.

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Reviewed by: Lori Kramer, RN
Date: August 2012

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