Welcome to the Immunology Service at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our program is one of the largest in the country and we are proud to partner with the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and the Immune Deficiency Foundation to provide sensitive care in a patient-centered manner.

Comprehensive Immunology diagnostic services

Primary immune deficiency disease can present in many ways including recurrent infections, unusual infections, and autoimmune diseases. The Immunology faculty are world leaders and have been recognized as experts in the diagnosis of primary immune deficiencies. We have access to cutting edge genetic studies, recently developed functional studies and an array of immunological assays run in the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For each patient, the goal is an accurate diagnosis to lead to improved treatment and quality of life.

Particular areas of clinical emphasis include:

Comprehensive Immunology therapy

Each of the nearly 150 primary immune deficiency diseases has a specific therapy. We are proud to offer the most up-to-date therapies for our patients. We partner with our Day Medicine Unit for infusion therapy and frequently utilize home care to maximize out-of-hospital time. Fortunately, many patients can be treated with probiotics, medications, and other interventions to improve their quality of life. Hospital admissions are infrequent and the emphasis is on a normal life style.

We emphasize immune deficiencies as a way of life rather than an illness that restricts opportunities. We have a transition clinic to assist with early adults as they become independent and have different needs. Our holistic approach stresses an unrestricted life style and with rare exceptions, promotes a sense of well-being.

Education on primary immune deficiency diseases

To achieve our goals, it is important to partner with the patient and the family. We emphasize education on immune deficiencies and facilitate interactions among families of children with immune deficiencies. Peer education is a valuable adjunct to our inpatient and outpatient education efforts.

Active research programs

The Immunology service at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has a strong tradition of active research. Current programs include participation in longitudinal registries of patients to define optimal treatments (USIDNET, CIBMTR and PIDTC). We have also participated in efforts to bring new medications to the market.

Ongoing research efforts are focused on these areas:

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