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Buckle Up for Life

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia has partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Toyota in support of their “Buckle Up for Life" initiative to improve the safety of child passengers.

Why was Buckle Up for Life created?

Studies show that Hispanic and African American children are, for a variety of reasons, significantly less likely than non-Hispanic and non-African American children to be buckled up in seat belts or car seats and, as a result are at greater risk in motor vehicle crashes.

In response, Toyota created Buckle Up for Life, or Abróchate a la Vida – a national, community-based injury prevention initiative. The program works with local hospitals and churches to address the economic, cultural and, where appropriate, language barriers to motor vehicle safety in the Hispanic and African American communities.The program is a comprehensive, culturally sensitive faith-based approach designed to raise awareness and increase use of motor vehicle restraints and to empower the African American and Hispanic communities to live safer, healthier lives.

Buckle Up for Life contributions

Over a six-week period, Buckle Up for Life’s medical experts and trained specialists work closely with participants of all ages to deliver vital safety information. Program participants are eligible to receive free car seats, and are matched with certified child passenger safety technicians to help install the seats and ensure that children are properly restrained.

In one pilot city, the program nearly tripled the number of children properly buckled up among the families who participated. Buckle Up for Life programs have reached Cincinnati, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Antonio and are now expanding to Houston, Las Vegas, Orange County and Philadelphia.

To learn more, please visit www.buckleupforlife.org or www.facebook.com/buckleupforlife.

Program participants

The 2012-2013 program participants in Philadelphia are:


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