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Pedestrian Safety

Each year, approximately 626 child-pedestrian fatalities occur. Young children are at a higher risk for pedestrian injury and death because they don’t understand traffic rules and risks. In addition, parents and caregivers often overestimate their children’s traffic knowledge and skills. The maturity level of children younger than 10 years makes them unable to correctly gauge the speed of vehicles putting them at greater risk for injury and death.

When and where do most child-pedestrian injuries and deaths occur?

Children ages 0-2 years suffer the highest number of injuries as pedestrians, while in the street, on driveways, parking lots and sidewalks. Many child-pedestrian deaths occur in the evening when visibility is reduced. In addition, the following may put young children at a higher risk for injury or death in high-traffic areas:

How do I keep my child safe as a pedestrian?

To help prevent your child from getting injured as a pedestrian, here are some tips:

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