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Kohl's Injury Prevention Program

Injury Prevention and Safety Activity Book

Our Injury Prevention and Safety activity book has been designed to educate your children through fun, interactive coloring, puzzles and games. It can also be used by teachers in the classroom.

Kids will learn about fire and home safety, bike safety and more from educational word jumble, doodle pages, mazes, etc… Complete them all and become a Certified Super Safe Kid with your own certificate!

Injury Prevention and Safety - Activities for Kids and Families (full book)


Parents information

  • Learn about the Kohl's Injury Prevention Program, Safety Center and Mobile Safety Center, Find child safety seat inspection station throughout Southeastern PA.
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Injury prevention and safety tips

  • Find Tips about fire safety, child passenger safety, bike safety, pedestrian safety and water safety.
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Choosing the right child safety seat

  • Access up-to-date information about child safety seats to help you choose the right one for your child. Learn more»

Bike and skateboarding safety

Children will learn about bike safety and the importance of wearing safety gear to protect them from injuries while playing their favorite sports.

Poison safety

These fun activities will teach children poison-safety tips to help keep themselves – and others – safe from poisoning.

Fire safety

It’s important to know what to do if you see flames or smell smoke. These activities will help your child learn about fire safety.

Home safety

Learn how to make your home a safe place for your kids. Use our handy checklist to teach your kids how to notice and report safety problems around the house.

Pedestrian safety

Children will learn how to stay safe when crossing the streets and when they are near cars, trucks, buses and trolleys.

Playground safety

This coloring page offers tips on staying safe at the playground while having fun.

Water safety

Water can be lots of fun, but it can be dangerous, too. Have children color the pictures and learn some top safety tips to be water smart.

Certified super safe kid!


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