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Letter From the Director

Dear Friends of the CHOP Global Health Center,

NPS team outside the clinicThe NPS team celebrates five years of work in the Dominican Republic. From left to right: Ramona Cordero (NPS), Lara Antkowiak, MD (former Global Health Fellow), Chloe Turner, MD (current Global Health Fellow), Marc Callender, MD (former Global Health Fellow), Sister Natividad RosaCordero (NPS), Juan Japa (NPS), Ingrid Japa, MD (NPS), Ruth Frey, MSN, CPNP (CHOP), Maura Murphy, MPH (CHOP), Abel Gonzalez and Elias Callender (front).

Spring is always so exciting, with new opportunities and new growth everywhere we look. To celebrate the start of spring, I’d like to share some news and information about the CHOP Global Health Center, which has grown significantly in the past few months.

The new year brought our first major expansion in five years. As a Global Health Center, we will be able to embrace and support a larger number of new pediatric global health initiatives that are being led by faculty from Pediatrics, Surgery, Radiology and Critical Care at CHOP. With a broader base of support from even more CHOP programs, we will continue to find innovative ways to promote child health across the globe. Our future is big and bold — and we’re very excited about the opportunities it holds.

This issue of the Global Health Center Update has more information about all of these activities. I hope you enjoy learning more about our work, and I encourage you to stay in touch with us and share your stories as we advance CHOP’s global efforts to promote children’s health.

Rodney Finalle, MD

Medical Director, CHOP Global Health Center


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