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Caribbean Program: Niños Primeros en Salud

Former Global Health Fellow, Dr. Lara Antkowiak; Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Fransisca; and Global Health Director, Dr. Rodney Finalle at the Centro de Salud Divina Providencia.

In 2009, building on years of collaboration with the leadership of the town of Consuelo, Dominican Republic, CHOP opened a flagship pediatric clinic in the Centro de Salud Divina Providencia, called Niños Primeros en Salud (Kids First Consuelo) or NPS.

The clinic offers comprehensive pediatric care and health education to the most impoverished children under the age of five in the barrios of Consuelo. 

The program is also dedicated to providing opportunities for education, training and formation, for both the community and the next generation of pediatric service providers.

With over 630 children enrolled in the program; a full-time nurse, pediatrician and coordinator; a core group of community health workers; the Global Health Fellow; and pediatric residents from Robert Reid Cabral hospital in the capital, this project has become a model for providing exceptional primary care to the country’s most vulnerable.

Focusing on children under the age of five, Global Health and our Dominican partners have developed programs that are improving the health of children in the program. These include:

Women and their children wait to see an NPS doctor in the Centro de Salud Divina Providencia.

CHOP Global Health Allies continue to provide programmatic expertise and hands-on support throughout the year to the clinic and staff in the Dominican Republic. Read some reflections from Global Health Allies who have worked at NPS over the past few years.

For more information, visit our Global Health Allies Program page.

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