Becoming a Patient at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

International Patient Services staff members work hard to make your experience at CHOP as easy as possible. In addition to the services they provide our international patients, we’ve put together these resources to help you prepare for your journey, understand what will happen when you arrive at the Hospital and support your family when you return home.

From your first contact with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, International Patient Services (IPS) is committed to making your experience as smooth and welcoming as possible.

Contact us

The first step is for a family member or physician to contact IPS, where multi-lingual team members are available to speak with you and answer your questions.

Information we need about your child

We will need as much medical information as possible about your child’s condition so our treating physicians can make the best possible decisions about treatment options. We ask that families complete a Patient Intake Form in English and provide the child’s medical records including specialists’ reports, history and physical, and lab, radiology scans, pathology slides, and most importantly, a summary letter from your child’s physician that discusses the details of all diagnoses, treatments your child has received, and testing that has been conducted. All medical information must be in English. Our team members are pleased to help you locate translation services for these reports, if needed.

A plan for your child

Once the child's information has been submitted, our expert physicians will carefully review it and determine if the patient can benefit from consultation and treatment at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. If so, we will provide the family and referring physician with an initial assessment of the child's condition and information regarding possible treatments available at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It is important to remember that CHOP physicians will not formulate a final treatment plan until they have a full history of the patient and family and have also examined the patient in Philadelphia.

Paying for healthcare services

We want families to have as much information as possible when making decisions about their child’s care. Our experienced staff can help families understand what charges are anticipated for our services, and work with them to facilitate payment in advance of consultation, whether through international insurance or self-payment. We will discuss financial arrangements based on the patient’s insurance or the family’s preferred method of payment. Our team has extensive experience working with many insurance providers and helping families through this process.

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International Patient Services is a program within the International Medicine department at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.