Kidney Transplantation and Dialysis Program

Daily Routines

Your child will be either on the morning shift or the afternoon shift for dialysis. If he or she is treated in the morning, you will need to arrive at the unit no later than 8:00 a.m. If treated in the afternoon, you will need to arrive by noon. It is important that you keep to your scheduled time so we can make sure your child gets a full dialysis treatment. Here are a few tips for your child to review before coming in for dialysis:

Before you start your treatment

When you come in to the unit, you will:

Now you are ready to start dialysis. For safety reasons, the nurses will ask parents and visitors to wait in the waiting room while treatment is started for you and other patients. Parents and visitors may come back into the unit as soon as you and all the other kids are on the machines.

Some things to keep in mind

When your dialysis treatment is finished

When your treatment is finished, parents and visitors will again be asked to wait in the waiting room while the nurses take you off the machine.

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Reviewed by: Bernard S. Kaplan, MB, BCh, FAAP
Date: July 2005

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