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How To Ask Someone To Be A Kidney Donor For Your Child

Asking someone to donate an organ is a major decision, but it can be a lifesaving effort, as well. Possible living donors can include friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances. Therefore, it is important to inform those people of your child’s need for an organ transplant. Often, just discussing your child’s situation with these individuals will elicit volunteer donors. If no volunteers surface, here are some suggestions for initiating a conversation about your need for a living donor:

1. Inform people that your child needs a kidney transplant.

We have found that some people whose children need a kidney transplant don’t think to make a request of people in their lives. The best chance your child has of finding a living donor is by you making it known to people around you.

2. Discuss the details and benefits of living donor kidney transplantation.

Be sure to visit our living donor kidney transplant page to further your understanding and feel free to share the link with your prospective donor. 

3. Ask in a way that’s heartfelt, but doesn’t pressure the person.

For example: “My daughter is very sick. Her kidneys are failing her and her only options now are dialysis or transplant. Living donor transplant is her best chance for a long, healthy life, which is what I dream of for her. I know this is a big decision, but would you consider being her kidney donor?” If you feel uncomfortable asking a particular person, you may want to have a third party approach him.

4. If a person declines, do not push the issue.

If she seems interested or says yes, provide her with more information about the details of donating, including requirements for eligibility, and inform her there would be no medical costs for her.

5. Give the donor time to consider whether this is the right decision.

Organ donation is a life-altering decision which may or may not be appropriate for a person’s particular situation. Offer him additional information and support when needed.

6. Provide the potential donor with our contact information.

Reassure the person that any contact with the Transplant Center is confidential and doesn’t commit her to donating. Our number is 1-877-ORGAN50(674-2650).


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