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Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine


The Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Division serves the main Hospital along with satellite facilities at Voorhees, NJ, King of Prussia, Pa. and Bucks County, Pa.. The mission of the laboratory is to provide excellence in patient care through providing the highest quality of blood products and related services including proper inventory, emergent transfusion response, quality control and assurance, specimen testing, and medical consultation services; such as transfusion reaction work-ups and serology consults. The Blood Bank also oversees the Tissue Service along with OR leadership. We work closely with the Apheresis Service and Stem Cell Laboratory to support these services with overlapping medical coverage, blood products, testing, and quality assurance. 

The Blood Bank Leadership Team includes Medical Directors, a Supervisor and Assistant Supervisor, a Quality Manager, and a Transfusion Service Coordinator. The lab is comprised of approximately 25 Blood Bank Technologists and is open 24/7 including weekends and holidays. The Blood Bank supports over 20,000 transfusions a year including specialized washed, irradiated, and aliquot products along with an active fresh whole blood program.

Blood products are currently purchased through the Penn-Jersey American Red Cross (ARC) and Directed/Autologous Donation programs. Specialized serology work-ups including molecular testing are also available through the ARC. The Transfusion Service Coordinator will assist with information about scheduling directed and autologous donations through the ARC and the Blood Bank Supervisor can arrange for specialized product requests through the ARC.

The Blood Bank Medical Directors are available 24/7 on pager to assist with any urgent medical questions and interpretation including product requests for HLA matched/crossmatched platelets, granulocytes, transfusion reactions and complex blood bank testing results. The goal of the Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine Services are to enhance transfusion medicine safety through excellence in patient care through superior technical, quality, and medical consultative support at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and ancillary facilities.

Location and Hours

Main Building, Room 5125

Hours of Operation
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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