Metabolic Lab Specimen Handling | The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Michael J. Palmieri Metabolic Disease Laboratory

Specimen Handling

Specimen collection

Each specimen collection is dependent on the particular test being requested. Please refer to specific testing for the proper instructions.

Requisition forms

Laboratory requisition forms must be filled out completely to enable us to process specimens without delay. The request form and specimen must have the patient's full name, medical record number, collector's name, date of collection and time of collection.

Preliminary reports

Verbal reports are given whenever a result is abnormal and a contact person has been included on the laboratory request form.

Mailed reports

Laboratory reports are returned as soon as testing has been completed and results have been interpreted by the laboratory's Scientific Director. For inpatients, reports are forwarded to the patient's unit. For outpatients, reports are forwarded to the attending physician. For clients, reports are forwarded to the address indicated on submitted requisitions.

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