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Division of Neuropathology


The Division of Neuropathology is staffed by four pediatric neuropathologists, making it the largest group of working pediatric neuropathologists anywhere in the world. Members of this division are internationally recognized experts in the areas of pediatric brain tumors, developmental neuropathology, neurometabolic conditions, and neuromuscular disease. Our clinical mission is to provide the very highest level of diagnostic expertise and care available in neuropathology to patients and families treated at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Research and Training

Members of the Division of Neuropathology run and support active translational research programs in pediatric brain tumors, epilepsy, and neuromuscular disease, as well as basic research in developmental biology of the nervous system. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pediatric Neuropathologists also make significant contributions to translational and basic research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute by directing the Pathology Core Laboratory and supporting an extensive multi-institution pediatric brain tumor tissue repository.

A key component of our educational mission is to provide postgraduate medical education in pediatric neuropathology to trainees in Pediatric Pathology, Neuropathology and Pediatric Neurology. Fellows in Neuropathology from the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center participate in a three-month rotation during their fellowship. Neuropathology Fellows from other institutions wishing to supplement their training in pediatric neuropathology are also welcome to do elective rotations. Pediatric Neurology Fellows from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia participate in a two-month elective rotation. Pediatric Pathology Fellows from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia participate in a one-month mandatory rotation, as well as having ongoing clinical responsibilities in neuropathology throughout their fellowship. An active lecture series, syllabus and one-on-one teaching support all of these activities. We welcome trainees and faculty from other institutions who are interested in obtaining advanced experience in pediatric neuropathology. Please contact the office if you are interested in arranging to visit or rotate through the Division of Neuropathology.

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic neuropathology is based on the same principles used for the preparation and evaluation of tissue specimens used in Anatomic Pathology. These include:

We offer a wide range of consultation services for outside cases including brain biopsies (both tumors and non-neoplastic diseases), muscle biopsies and autopsy brain and spinal cord examination. Instructions for preparation and submission of cases for consultation, as well as the accompanying consult requisition forms, can be found here.


Location and Hours

Main Hospital, Room 5NW27, 5th Floor

Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

No weekend, holiday or evening/overnight shift personnel are available.

A Neuropathologist is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent specimens and autopsies. Please call the Hospital Operator at (215) 590-1000 to contact the on-call pathologist.

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