Liver Transplant Program

About Pediatric Liver Transplant

A liver transplant is an operation performed to replace a diseased liver with a healthy one — either an entire liver or just a section — from another person. The liver may come from a deceased organ donor or from a family member who is willing to donate a part of his or her liver and is a suitable candidate.

If your child needs a liver transplant, you're going to receive a great deal of information and learn a lot of new words and phrases over the weeks and months ahead. We'll help you every step of the way. We hope it comforts you to know that your child is in the best place possible for this transplant.

One of your best allies — in addition to your child's healthcare team — in this process is knowledge. Learn everything you can about the liver transplant process and what happens before, during and after a liver transplant. We've provided some basic information about liver transplant here. After you've read it, be sure to talk to your child's healthcare providers about any questions or concerns you may have.

Reviewed by: Elizabeth B Rand, MD
Date: October 2012

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