Suzi and Scott Lustgarten
Center for GI Motility

Meet Our Team

Suzi and Scott Lustgarten Endowed Chair
for Clinical Care of GI Motility Disorders

Ritu Verma, MD

Irma and Norman Braman Endowed Chair
for Research in GI Motility Disorders

Robert O. Heuckeroth, MD, PhD

Program Director

John T. Boyle, MD

Assistant Program Director

Kristin N. Fiorino, MD

Advanced Practice Nurse

Xenia Morgan, MSN, CRNP


Kari F. Baber, PhD

Social Worker

Jo Ann Sonis, LCSW, DCSW

Clinical Nutritionist

Meghan Johnston Mullin, MS, RD, CSP 

Office Coordinator

Maura A. Gallagher

Coming soon

The Lustgarten Center will also establish a fellowship program to train new clinicians in functional GI and motility disorders. 

Reviewed by: Lustgarten Center for GI Motility
Date: August 2014 

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