Fellowship Conference Schedules

Patient-based learning is regularly supplemented by didactic seminars with a clinical focus. To maximize the learning experience, the fellow on the inpatient rotation is responsible for directing the clinical seminars so they reflect active patient care issues.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Neonatal clinical conference

A weekly neonatal clinical conference is held with the purpose of discussing patient management issues related to medical/surgical care, ECMO therapy or transport issues. The fellow involved in the care of the patient presents the case and identifies topics for discussion. Teleconferencing allows for the participation of referring physicians and is included whenever possible. Once a month, the conference is a neonatal morbidity and mortality presentation.

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Perinatal-neonatal conference

A series of weekly conferences are held in conjunction with maternal-fetal medicine (MFM). Cases and topics of mutual interest are identified for presentation by both MFM and the neonatology fellow. Once a month, a morbidity and mortality conference is presented.

Consensus conference

Four to five times a year, a two-hour conference is held during which one fellow and one faculty member present a controversial topic in patient management. Participation of nursing, house physicians, nurse practitioners and ancillary staff is encouraged. The group then works on a consensus statement that is adopted as a practice guideline for the division.

Neonatal-perinatal physiology

This conferences involves a two-year curriculum covering the major areas of basic science as relevant to the fetus and newborn, including physiology, developmental anatomy, genetics, immunology, etc. The lectures are given by faculty from neonatology, MFM or subspecialty services. The fellow is required to present one physiology conference lecture in the third year of training.

Fellows journal club

This monthly series incorporates short didactic sessions on aspects of clinical research methods, study design and statistical analysis prior to review of a current journal article.


1 p.m.: Clinical consensus development (quarterly)

12:15 p.m.: Neonatal-obstetrics-perinatal conference


11 a.m.: Neonatology clinical conference


8 a.m.: Pediatric Grand Rounds

9:15 a.m.: Neonatology laboratory research work-in-progress conference

1-4 p.m.: Fellow didactic conferences


7 a.m.: Surgical Grand Rounds

8 a.m.: Neonatal research conference


12:15 p.m.: Institute for environmental medicine lecture series

Updated April 2012

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