Neonatal Stroke Program

Comprehensive Evaluation 
& Personalized Treatment


The Neonatal Stroke Program at CHOP is equipped to provide comprehensive, systematic evaluation of risk factors for stroke in all patients to inform treatment decisions. Depending on the suspected diagnosis, evaluation includes:

Conditions We Treat

We offer comprehensive assessment and treatment of neonates and infants with the following conditions:

Personalized Treatment

Based on evaluation, our team formulates a multidisciplinary treatment plan, working closely with referring physicians and families to determine which therapies are appropriate for each child. Our program is committed to supporting families as they cope with a new diagnosis of stroke or cerebrovascular disease in their child.

Continuity of Care

The Neonatal Stroke Program provides extensive follow-up of each patient in our multidisciplinary Neonatal Stroke Clinic, held twice a month. Typically, initial outpatient evaluation occurs six to eight weeks following hospital discharge. Staffed by a pediatric neurologist, a nurse, a social worker, an education coordinator, a speech-language pathologist, and occupational and physical therapists, this clinic provides ongoing specialized medical care and developmental assessment.

We work closely with local physicians and therapists to optimize outpatient care. We also connect with families through a monthly family support group meeting and family-oriented conferences.

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