Neonatal Care Team

Many professionals work together to care for your baby. You may meet some or all of the following team members:

Primary Care Team

A board-certified pediatrician who has advanced training in newborn intensive care.

Neonatal fellow
A pediatrician who is currently undergoing training in newborn intensive care.

A doctor who is receiving additional training to be a pediatrician or some other specialist.

Clinical nurse specialist
A nurse with additional training and responsibilities for patient and nurse education.

Clinical level IV nurse
A senior/clinical nurse expert who provides leadership and serves as a clinical resource for staff and families.

Primary/team nurse
One of the nurses who frequently cares for your baby, develops your baby's nursing care plan and teaches you to care for your baby.

Senior nurse assistant
An assistant who works with the nurse to care for your baby and to help stock supplies.

Neonatal nutritionist
A registered dietitian with special expertise in nutrition of newborns.

A masters-prepared professional who can help you interact with your baby in the N/IICU and provide ideas about how you can help your baby develop.

Social worker
A professional who provides support and counseling to families around social, emotional and financial needs related to infants' illness, recovery and transition home.

Clinical pharmacist
A pharmacist with expertise in drugs for babies.

Respiratory therapist
A person with training for care and management of oxygen and breathing machines, etc.

Occupational therapist
A person with training in infant development. You may meet this person either in the N/IICU or in a follow-up clinic.

Physical therapist
A person with training in assessing and helping muscle tone and movement problems. You may meet this person either in the N/IICU or in the follow-up clinic.

Speech and language pathologist
A person with training in feeding problems like sucking.

Child life specialist
A professional who has has training in helping children (i.e... siblings of patient in the N/ICU patient) cope with the effects of hospitalization. Play therapy, music therapy and art therapy can help children express their feelings.

Case manager
A nurse who helps coordinate home nursing, equipment needs and helps with insurance issues.

Unit clerk
A receptionist who greets you before you enter the unit.

Hospital chaplain
A hospital-based religious support person.

Other specialists

Your child's neonatologist may ask other doctors with different specialties to help with your baby's care. You may meet the following specialists:

A specialist who puts your baby to sleep during surgery.

A specialist who treats heart problems.

A physician who specializes in glands and hormone problems.

A specialist who works with intestinal problems and nutrition.

A physician who specializes in blood problems.

A specialist who treats brain and nervous system problems.

A physician who specializes in eye problems.

A specialist who operates on patients.

Updated September 2012

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