Pediatric Physical Therapist

While in the Newborn/Infant Intensive Care Unit (N/IICU) your baby may receive physical therapy from a pediatric physical therapist (PT).

What does a pediatric physical therapist do for babies in the N/IICU?

A pediatric physical therapist who works in the N/IICU has been specially trained to work with critically ill newborns and babies and their families. PTs have a thorough understanding of preterm and infant development and behavior. They use this — along with skilled observations — to guide their care of medically fragile babies. PTs work with families to help them understand their baby’s behaviors.

Medically fragile babies show their response to touch or movement by changing their breathing and heart rates and their oxygen levels. For these babies, the N/IICU environment and routine nursing care can be very challenging. PTs may work with N/IICU staff to tailor the N/IICU environment and the baby's nursing care to the comfort of the baby.

The pediatric physical therapist will:

Pediatric physical therapists help you support your baby

When your baby is ready, PTs will work with you to support your baby’s development. They will:

Qualifications of a pediatric physical therapist

PTs apply current research and proven skills to help each child to move, and participate as well as he or she can. PTs stay current on new concepts and treatment in order to provide the best care. The physical therapy department is happy to answer any questions you may have about its services and resources for parents.

Meet our team

Physical Therapy N/IICU Team Leader

Diane Versaw-Barnes, DPT, PT, PCS

Physical Therapist III – N/IICU

Audrey Wood, MS, PT, PCS
Judy Coplan, PT, DPT
Linda Pagnotto-Hammitt, MS, PT

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As a partner on your child’s healthcare team, feel free to contact Diane Versaw-Barnes, DPT, PT, PCS, at 267-426-5002 or email her at

Updated April 2012

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