Cancer Survivorship Program at the Cancer Center

Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic

One stop, specialized care for cancer survivors

While many survivors have no late effects and are doing well, some may have more complex long-term problems that require careful monitoring by more than one specialist. The Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic, started in 2006, is designed to reduce the amount of time needed for follow-up visits by providing same-day, same-clinic access to physicians and nurse practitioners from Oncology and other Hospital departments. All of the providers in the Multidisciplinary Cancer Survivorship Clinic are experts in the late effects of childhood cancer. The clinic brings together the physicians that help monitor your unique health issues, all in a one-day visit.

In addition to a visit with one of the oncologists or nurse practitioners who specialize in cancer survivorship, you may also see physicians and nurses from one or more of the following specialties:

If you currently see one or more of these specialists, you will likely benefit from this clinic. The clinic is also useful for survivors who are at high risk for certain late effects because of the therapy they received.

The Multidisciplinary Clinic is held one Wednesday a month (dates will vary). All physician visits are held centrally in the Oncology Clinic in the Wood Building at the Main Hospital.

Our partners

Craig Alter, MD
Clinical director and attending physician

Sogol Mostoufi-Moab, MD
Attending physician

Denise Gruccio, PNP
Nurse practitioner

Elizabeth Goldmuntz, MD, FAAP, FACC
Attending physician

Beth Kaufman, MD
Attending physician, Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure Program

Michael Fisher, MD
Attending physician

Nancy Sacks, MS, RD, LDN
Registered dietitian and research coordinator

Mary T. Rourke, PhD
Associate director, Behavioral Health Integrated Program

Samuel Goldfarb, MD
Attending physician and medical director, Lung and Heart Transplant Programs

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