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surg-oncoSurgery often plays a critical role in your child’s overall cancer treatment. At CHOP our pediatric surgical oncology team consists of experts with extensive experience in various types of cancers, including neuroblastoma, brain and bone tumors, as well as other rare and hard-to-treat cancers.

Because of the number of cases we see, our pediatric oncology surgeons have a true appreciation of the issues they may encounter during a complex surgery to resect a child's tumor. CHOP surgeons bring a perspective and level of expertise that can ultimately improve outcomes for our childhood cancer patients. Having this level of access to pediatric surgical oncology specialists within our own institution allows us to provide the best possible care for your child.

Our practice approach

Informed by our extensive experience in treating your child’s particular type of cancer, our pediatric surgical oncology team creates a comprehensive, long-term treatment plan for your child. Because of the partnership between our pediatric oncologists and surgeons in every specialty, we are able to quickly assess your child’s needs and develop a cohesive, integrated and thoughtful approach to his or her care.

Surgical Oncology Options at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Learn more about the unique partnership between oncologists and surgeons at CHOP in the video below. This video explores the full experience of bringing a child with cancer to CHOP for his surgery. During this difficult time, CHOP's surgical oncology team is here to provide second opinons on your chlid's cancer treatment options, help your family make decisions about your child's care, and work closely with referring physicians before, during and after surgery. Navigate through the video chapters by scrolling the list of titles.



To make an appointment at the Cancer Center, please call 267-426-0762.

Second opinion requests

Communication within our pediatric surgical oncology group and with your home team is one of the things that uniquely defines the CHOP experience for families whose children have been treated here. We work closely with your primary oncologist and surgeon to determine a course of treatment that best serves your child, whether you choose CHOP for one or all components of your child’s treatment.

Another key aspect of your child’s cancer care experience is the dedication of our nursing staff, Child Life specialists, teachers, and art and music therapists. Every person you encounter is here to make a difference with children with cancer.

To arrange a second opinion consultation at the Cancer Center, please call 267-426-0762.

And be sure to take our virtual tour of the Cancer Center to learn more about the difference CHOP makes. 

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