Cancer Center

Patient and Family Education Materials

Patient and family education materials provide educational information to help individuals and families facing childhood cancer.

For All Patients

Blood Counts Record

Oncology Family Handbook

Psychosocial Services: Resources for Families

Caring for Your Child at Home

Caring For Your Child at Home: Take Home Points

VIDEOS: Watch topical presentations by Cancer Center staff

Newly Diagnosed

Welcome to the Oncology Inpatient Unit

VIDEO: Fertility Preservation For Boys Being Treated for Cancer

Patients in Treatment

About Radiation Treatment

Caring For Your Child: Tips About Mouth Care and Oral Mucositis

Managing Side Effects of Radiation Treatment

Radiation Treatment With General Anesthesia

Radiation Treatment Without General Anesthesia

MIBG: Patient and Caregiver Education

Welcoming the Child With Cancer Back to School: An Educator's Guide

After Treatment

A Guide to Follow-up Care: For Caregiver of Child No Longer Receiving Therapy

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