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Childhood Cancer Webinar Series

The Cancer Center at CHOP launched a webinar series in 2013 called First Steps Toward Healing. This series will cover topics such as post-traumatic stress disorder, coping, siblings, community resources, medical late effects and more. A recording of each webinar will be published here for those who weren't able to attend live, or for those who want to watch again. This series is sponsored in part by the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation.

May 6: Thriving in School After Treatment

Jamie Johnson, BS
Hospital School Program Teacher

Iris Paltin, PhD
Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Eileen Kenna Satullo, LSW
Oncology Social Worker

A child who was treated for tumors of the brain or central nervous system or who has neurofibromatosis, or any child who has had neuro-surgery, received cranial or focal radiation therapy or received intrathecal chemotherapy treatment could be at risk for or suffering from neurocognitive effects from their disease or treatment. This can be especially challenging when it's time to return to school after treatment, or when the demands of school change as the child gets older. In this webinar CHOP experts discuss neuropsychological evaluation, the legal rights of students, and how to support your child as they return to learning.

March 18: Supporting Siblings After Losing a Child to Cancer

Jennifer Lemisch, MA, ATR-BC, LPC
Art Therapist, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The loss of a child introduces complicated and painful challenges for all grieving families. Parents with more than one child must now cope with their own grief, while remaining present for the siblings of the deceased child, who experience the loss of their brother or sister in their own, different way. In this webinar, art therapist and licensed professional counselor, Jennifer Lemisch discusses the fears and worries of children who have lost a sibling, and offers guidance to parents in this situation.

Jan. 23: Unique Challenges of Parenting an Adolescent or Young Adult With Cancer

Lisa Schwartz, PhD
Psychologist, Division of Oncology

Being a parent to adolescents and young adults is difficult. Add childhood cancer to the equation, and the job becomes even harder. But armed with the right knowledge and tools, any mom, dad or caregiver can help his or her child navigate this uncertain time. In this webinar, psychologist Lisa Schwartz, PhD, discusses how to promote positive adjustment, while also addressing challenges facing teens with cancer.

Dec. 11: Dealing With the Challenges of Childhood Cancer and Treatment

Meghan Marsac, PhD
Psychologist, Division of Oncology

Psychologist Meghan Marsac discusses coping strategies for families facing childhood cancer. Among the tools discussed is the Cellie Cancer Coping Kit, a research-based, cancer-specific coping tool developed by Dr. Marsac.

Nov. 19: Resources for Families Affected by Childhood Cancer

Dana Dombrowski, MSW, LSW and Susan Pultman, LSW, MEd
Social Workers, Division of Oncology

Social workers Dana Dombrowski and Susan Pultman discusses the resources available to families facing a cancer diagnosis. There are many people and places at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and other cancer treatment centers, and in the community and online, that families can turn to for help managing the financial, emotional, and family stressors that come along with a childhood cancer diagnosis.


Oct. 22: The Sibling Experience

Lynne Kaplan, PhD and Sarah Pajak, CCLS
Psychosocial Services, Division of Oncology

Psychologist Lynne Kaplan and child life specialist Sarah Pajak discussed the experience of siblings of a childhood cancer patient. The focus of this webinar was on rate of post-traumatic stress symptoms in siblings, and coping strategies that parents can use to reduce these symptoms in their healthy children.


Sept. 17: PTSD and Post-traumatic Growth After Childhood Cancer

Lamia Barakat, PhD
Director, Psychosocial Services, Division of Oncology

Dr. Lamia Barakat discusses the ways childhood cancer affects the child, parents and siblings, focusing on the experience of post-traumatic stress symptoms and post-traumatic growth — the perceived benefits that come out of the experience of childhood cancer. This was the first event in the First Steps Toward Healing webinar series, developed by the Cancer Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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