Cancer Center

Cancer Treatment Center

The cancer treatment center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia provides child-focused, family-centered care, which is reflected in both our inpatient and outpatient units and in our common rooms. 

Alex Scott Day Hospital

The new Alex Scott Day Hospital, on the 4th floor of the Wood Building at the Main Hospital, has 4,500 square feet of space and features a child-life playroom with a specially designed Alex's Lemonade Stand mural; 14 open therapy areas with a recliner and guest chair; 5 closed rooms for children who need a bed or more privacy; and one procedure room. Each treatment area has a flat-screen TV, internet capability and a play station.

Alex Scott was a pediatric cancer patient in the cancer treatment center at Children's Hospital who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a type of childhood cancer, before her first birthday. In 2000, at the age of 4, Alex told her parents that she wanted to have a lemonade stand in her front yard to raise money to donate to "her hospital" to help the doctors find cures for all children with cancer. After fighting her own battle with cancer for seven years, Alex died peacefully at her home in August 2004 at the age of 8.

Before she died, Alex told her doctor and nurses her vision for a new Day Hospital — bigger rooms, a designated playroom and a more cheerful design - she wanted kids at the Hospital to have more fun.

Perelman Oncology Inpatient Unit

The Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman Oncology Unit, on 3 South Tower of the Main Building, has 24 private rooms with:

The common facilities include:

The nurse to patient ratio on this unit is one registered nurse for every three patients.

Weinberg Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

The Jeffrey Jay Weinberg Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at the cancer treatment center, located on 3 Central of the Main Building, has 11 private rooms for patients undergoing blood and marrow transplantation and includes:

The nurse to patient ratio on this unit is one registered nurse to two patients.

Both The Cancer Center inpatient unit and the blood and marrow transplantation unit are staffed with social workers, psychologists and child-life specialists to help patients and families manage the stresses associated with cancer and cancer treatment.

Pediatric Oncology Outpatient Clinic

The outpatient clinic of the cancer treatment center, located on the 4th floor of the Wood Building, is staffed daily by 4 to 6 attending oncology physicians and physician fellows, two pediatric nurse practitioners, 15 pediatric oncology nurses, one child-life specialist and one dietician. Social workers and psychologists are also available to consult with patients and families. The clinic has:

Community-Based Outpatient Facilities

Many patients receive much of their outpatient treatment close to home. In addition to the dedicated outpatient oncology clinics in the cancer treatment center on the Main Campus, we have hematology-oncology Specialty Care Centers in King of Prussia, PA and Voorhees, N.J.

The King of Prussia facility has:

The Voorhees facility has:

Connelly Resource Center for Families

The Connelly Resource Center for Families is a high-tech education and training facility located on the 8th floor of the Main Hospital. Families have access to:

The Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine

The Center for Advanced Medicine is where we offer radiation therapy services to Children's Hospital patients, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Radiation Oncology Department. The University of Pennsylvania Health System's Center for Advanced Medicine facility is just across the street from CHOP's Main Building and offers:

Pediatric radiation therapy is housed below the ground level of the Center for Advanced Medicine.

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