Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)

Airway Disorders and Reconstruction

Our team provides expert care for children with complex airway disorders.
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Otolaryngology Services

Welcome to the Division of Otolaryngology, also known as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT). We diagnose and treat children with:

Nationally known for ENT care

Our reputation as one of the leading pediatric ENT centers in the United States attracts families from across the country and around the world. Last year we treated more than 24,000 children. This include a large group of children who require surgery for chronic ear disease and the largest population of congenital cholesteatoma patients in the reported world literature.

Our specialized centers 

Center for Pediatric Airway Disorders

Our Airway Center is unique in that it offers children with complex airway problems, such as subglottic stenosis or chronic tracheotomy, a comprehensive evaluation in a single visit. Our team of airway surgeons and nurse practitioners are joined by specialists from pulmonary medicine, critical care, respiratory therapy, feeding and speech pathology to provide special needs patients with the highest quality of care and service possible.

Center for Childhood Communication

In the Center for Childhood Communication, we and our colleagues evaluate and treat children with hearing loss, communication problems, and swallowing difficulties. We also offer cochlear implants for children who aren't helped by hearing aids.

Our locations

Your child can receive care at any of our six convenient locations:

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To make an appointment for your child, please call us at 215-590-3440.

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Your Child's Surgery

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