Pain Management Program

Pain Management Resources for Families

The Pain Management Program offers a number of patient-focused educational materials for families looking for more information about recognizing and managing pain in their children. Please use the links below to find the information you need.

Recognizing and managing pain (age-specific)

Everyone has pain at some time. Your child may have pain now, or may have pain in the futures as a result of disease, injury, surgery or medical procedure. It is important to know that most pain can be controlled. Sometimes we cannot help a child to be totally pain-free, but we will help each child to be as comfortable as possible.

When your child's pain is under control, she can focus her energy on getting well. Pain relief is an important part of every child's treatment plan.

We encourage parents and families to help us to understand and manage your child child's pain. Tell us — or encourage your child to tell us — when he is in pain. Our goal is to make every child feel better.

Use these links to read about ways to recognize and manage pain in your child at any age.

Additional resources

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For more information about the Pain Management Program at CHOP or to schedule an appointment, please call 215-590-1409.

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Date: August 2012

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