Pediatric Stroke Program

Pediatric Stroke Conference

The following topics were presented during The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's Pediatric Stroke Conference, held on Sunday, November 10, 2013:

Pediatric Stroke ConferenceMary Kay Ballasiotes, Michelle Ballasiotes, and Dr. Rebecca Ichord, Director, CHOP's Pediatric Stroke Program CHOP Career Path

Disability Life Planner
Michele A. Leahy, MS
M. Leahy & Associates
Disability Life Planning

Anatomy of the Americans With Disabilities Act
Rachel Mann
Disability Rights Network of PA

Pediatric Stroke Advocacy: A Team Approach
Mary Kay Ballasiotes
President/Co-founder, International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke

The Way Things Turned Out
Michelle Ballasiotes, a pediatric stroke survivor

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