Pediatric Stroke Program

Returning to School After a Stroke

After the shock of finding out your child has had a stroke, school may not be the first thing on you and your family's minds. But before long, returning to the normal activities of school will be something your doctors and nurses will want your child to do. It is important for your child to have a normal routine and have time with peers. However, changes in your child's functioning, including physical and cognitive differences, need to be taken into account.

The Pediatric Stroke Team is committed to helping children who have had strokes re-enter into school. Returning to school full-time following a stroke will be a major milestone for your child and needs to be carefully planned. Returning slowly may be best. Keeping in touch with friends while not in school can also assist your child in settling back into school.

Many children who have had strokes need special education services in school. Your child's teachers may need to make some changes in order to support the needs of the child who has had a stroke when he or she returns. Some children may need to be in a different classroom or need an aide. It is important to be aware that your child's needs may change as he or she recovers. For younger children, problems may not show up until years after the stroke.

For more information on special education evaluations, special education law, helpful resources, and working with the school to create a plan for your child's school re-entry, visit our section on Special Education.

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