Pediatric Stroke Program

Family Support for Children with Stroke

Support for families

Social workers

Our social workers help to address the social, psychological and spiritual needs of patients and their families. Working closely with other members of the healthcare team, they counsel families about healthcare planning and decision-making, to ensure informed choices and the best possible care.


Professionally trained and deeply committed, Hospital chaplains are available around the clock to provide religious and spiritual support. Our chaplains work with clergy in the community and with representatives of many religious organizations to meet the individual needs of each family. If you need a list of area places to worship, you can find listings in the Connelly Center or by contacting the Chaplain Office at 215-590-1137 or by asking any member of staff in your child's unit for assistance.

Family consultants

A resource many patient families have found invaluable, family consultants are parents of children with special needs. These professionals have had their own experience negotiating the healthcare system and are uniquely qualified to counsel other families. By working with families and the healthcare team, they bring an added voice representing the family perspective in matters of patient care.

Family resource coordinators

These practical professionals assist families in understanding and using the many services available throughout Children's Hospital. They also maintain up-to-date information about resources in the Connelly Resource Center for Families, the CICU, PICU and NICU Family Lounges and the Parent Hospitality Suite in the Wood Center.


Restoring a sense of control

A child's illness creates unique stresses for the entire family. Sometimes it can seem that life as you know it will never again be "normal."

Child life specialists throughout Children's Hospital are sought for their skills in helping children cope with illness, treatment and the overall healthcare experience. Child life specialist's goals are to:

Child life services include:


How to get help

Many of our support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To begin, ask your physician, nurse or other member of the Stroke Team or specific unit's team to guide you to the staff member who can best meet your needs. Or, contact Social Work and Family Services Department directly for assistance:


8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 215-590-2072

Evenings and weekends

Phone: 215-590-1000

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Family Support Group Meetings

The Pediatric Stroke Program offers family support groups. Learn more about our upcoming meeting and how you can participate»