Pulmonary Medicine

Outpatient Services

If you are a parent of a child with a respiratory problem, your child may be referred to us for evaluation of coughing, wheezing, chest pain, or other breathing difficulties. Whatever the reason, we will strive to work together with your primary doctor to arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan. Comprehensive new patient appointments allow us to provide optimal care, and involve a detailed history, physical examination, and occasionally specialized testing.

Patients can choose to be seen by a pediatric pulmonologist at the offices most convenient to them - in Bucks County, King of Prussia, Abington Memorial Hospital, Virtua, Princeton, or at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's main campus. Each patient's family will receive a letter from our office requesting demographic and insurance information. The letter will also provide information about parking and directions to their appointment.

Upon arriving at the office, patients will be greeted by a registrar, who will verify the demographic and insurance information previously obtained. If the patient is old enough, they may undergo pulmonary function testing. Next, the patient will be escorted to an exam room to be seen by one of the pulmonary fellows or advanced practice nurses, and subsequently by an attending pulmonologist. The primary doctor will receive a telephone call or letter dictated on the day the child is seen.

Families will also receive written educational materials. Our philosophy is to educate and support both the child and family so that they can cope better with their illness.

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