Pulmonary Medicine

Pulmonary Function Lab

The pulmonary function laboratory has comprehensive state-of-the-art facilities for performing and interpreting lung function tests.

Tests of infant lung function include assessment of pulmonary compliance and resistance, functional residual capacity, flow-volume loops, nitrogen washout and bronchial challenge tests of airway hyper-reactivity.

Pulmonary function tests in older children includes spirometry, whole body plethysmography, single and multiple breath nitrogen washout, carbon monoxide diffusion capacity, respiratory muscle strength and lung compliance. Exercise and bronchial inhalation challenges are applied as provocative tests of airway reactivity. Hypercapnia and hypoxia rebreathing tests are used to evaluate suspected disorders of ventilatory control.

There is also a pulmonary function testing laboratory at our Specialty Care Center in Virtua, which can perform a wide variety of in-depth testing, such as spirometry, lung volume measurements by plethysmography, post-bronchodilator testing, lung diffusion testing (DLCO) and respiratory muscle strength testing on children 5 and older.

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