Pediatric Sedation Unit

Appointments, Location and Registration


The department requesting your child's study or procedure will schedule a sedation time that is convenient for you and your child. For radiology studies, please call the Radiology department at 215-590-7000. For any other studies, please contact the department requesting the study.

Please let the scheduler know if you're making an appointment for a child with special needs.


The Sedation Unit is located on the third floor of the Main Campus. The unit is laid out like a triangle with 20 rooms around the perimeter and three entrances.

All the rooms on the Sedation Unit have monitors, which make them a little noisy, especially when the phones are ringing and other patients are around. The rooms hold a medication cart, a hospital bed, a desk and chairs. Staff can easily remove certain items to allow your child the space he needs to move around. Foam mats are available upon request.


On the day of your appointment, please arrive one-and-a-half hours (90 minutes) prior to your scheduled procedure. When you and your child arrive at the Sedation Unit, you will be placed in a waiting room where you will register your child and complete paper work.

Your visit may take a minimum of three to four hours. It is helpful to bring items to distract, entertain or comfort your child before and after sedation.

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