Pediatric Sedation Unit

Preparing Your Child — and Yourself — for Sedation

Preparing your child for a visit to sedation depends on what works best for your child and family. Informing some children of a visit far in advance can actually increase their anxiety about the visit. Brief, factual information the morning of, or the day before the visit may be best to help prepare them.

Other children may need more time – a few days to a week – to process information, ask questions and get help working through coping strategies.

Tips to help prepare your child

Tips to help prepare yourself

Tools to help prepare your child for his hospital visit

Kids Health Galaxy

Our Kids Health Galaxy provides engaging and educational stories to help prepare your child for a visit to the Hospital. You'll find helpful information, including:

Child Life Specialists: Coping strategies

You and your child may meet a Child Life Specialist during your visit to the Sedation Unit. Child Life Specialists are professionals from CHOP’s Child Life, Education, and Creative Arts Therapy who are trained to speak with children about what to expect in the hospital and offer age-appropriate coping strategies.

Coping during healthcare procedures

Child Life, Education, and Creative Art Therapy at CHOP offers common coping strategies you can use to prepare your child for a test or procedure.

What to bring to your visit

To make this visit as easy as possible for you and your child, please bring anything you think will be comforting or entertaining during expected wait times. In addition, please remember to bring any communication systems your child may have. Our staff also wants to know of any ways we can support you and your child, so please tell us about your child’s likes and dislikes, concerns and needs.

Some suggestions that have worked for other patients and families:


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