Pediatric Sedation Unit

Children With Special Needs

If your child has a very rigid daily routine, please let the scheduler know. We may be able to provide an early appointment to make it easier to manage the fasting time, or a later appointment to lessen the disruption to your child’s daily routine.

The Pediatric Sedation Unit website provides information about sedation, what to expect before, during and after sedation and about preparing your child — and yourself — for sedation. Please make sure you review all the information on this website.

For sedation and general hospital visits

We encourage families whose children have significant challenges in the hospital setting or other similar settings to let the nurse know when she calls to complete the intake process or when she calls with final instructions on the day before the procedure. Our team can use this information to better prepare for your visit and to connect your family with a Child Life Specialist prior to the hospital visit if you are interested.

We also encourage you to share your child’s strengths and challenges with care providers during the visit, as well as the best ways to approach and work with your child.

Items to bring to your child's visit

Here are a few ideas about items you may bring from home to help your child with his hospital experience:

Environmental modifications

If you're the parent or guardian of a child with special needs, please let us know what will help your child to feel most comfortable during your time at CHOP. Please take a moment to review the following questions and we will do our best to accommodate your child’s needs.

Is your child sensitive to noise?

Is your child sensitive to touch?

Inform hospital staff if your child is bothered by light touch, deep pressure, certain fabrics or textures. We may be able to avoid or postpone some of this if possible.

Does your child have difficulty with unpredictability or change?

If your child tends to have a rigid schedule, such as a child diagnosed with autism, early appointments may make it easier to manage the fasting time.

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