Pediatric Sedation Unit

What Is Sedation?

Many tests and procedures require that children hold still in a particular position for anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Sedation is the use of a sedative or tranquilizing drug to help children relax. Sedation in combination with pain medication is also used to help children remain comfortable during painful procedures.

There are several different levels of sedation:

Sedation medications are given by mouth, intranasally (spray that is administered into the nostrils similar to FluMist®), intramuscularly (injection through a muscle) or intravenously (through a vein).

Our sedation team works very closely with the child and family to determine the most appropriate sedation plan. Medications and levels of sedation are chosen based on your child’s needs and developmental level, duration of the test or procedure and invasiveness of the procedure.

Sedation medications

Procedures that may require sedation

Some studies or procedures that may require sedation include but are not limited to:

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