The Sleep Center

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The Sleep Center

The Sleep Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is the only multidisciplinary sleep disorders center in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware dedicated exclusively to children. CHOP's Sleep Center provides full sleep services at three locations: Main Campus, King of Prussia and Virtua.

We diagnose and care for children with any type of sleep disorder, including:

We help with the evaluation and management of children with obstructive sleep apnea, as well as chronic lung diseases, degenerative muscle disease with chronic respiratory failure, hypoventilation syndrome, and respiratory control disorders.

Our staff assists in making recommendations about supplemental oxygen, non-invasive ventilatory support in the form of CPAP or BiPAP, and mechanical assisted ventilation during sleep.

Each Sleep Center houses a Sleep Laboratory, which is a state of the art facility for overnight sleep studies. CHOP's three locations have a total of 14 beds for these studies.

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Read the Sleep Laboratory Direct Referral Policy to find out who is eligible to proceed directly to the sleep lab without being seen in the Sleep Clinic first.

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