The Sleep Center

Inpatient Studies

You and your child should arrive by 4 p.m. on the scheduled day and go to admissions on the 1st floor of the main building. You will then be assigned a room where equipment will be brought to your child's bedside or your child may be brought to the Sleep Center Lab.

The sleep technicians will begin placing the equipment on your child for the sleep study. The study will end between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. The various pieces of equipment we will monitor your child with are as follows:

  1. A "bandage" like sensor that measures your child's oxygen will be placed on the toe or finger.
  2. Small plastic prongs at the nose will measure your child's exhaled air.
  3. Elastic or cloth belts will be placed on your child's chest and stomach, usually over their night clothes.
  4. Stick-on electrodes are placed on your child's face and chest to measure eye movements, heart rate and muscle tone during sleep. A few additional electrodes are applied with a washable paste on your child's scalp to measure stages of sleep.

The set-up process mentioned above is painless but does involve about an hour of cooperation on the part of your child. To best prepare your child, keep napping to a minimum on the day of the study.

No meals are provided in the sleep center so please plan accordingly. When you and your child arrive at the sleep center you will be given ample time to get something to eat or you can bring food from home. We encourage you to bring any toys, stuffed animals or other items that will help your child feel more comfortable.


Please remember to bring all medications that your child is presently taking, respiratory and G-tube equipment and CPAP and BiPAP units with all masks being used.

Staying overnight

One parent must stay overnight with your child if the sleep study is performed in the Sleep Center Lab. If you have any concerns regarding these recommendations, please call 215-590-3703.


If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call 215-590-3703 as soon as possible so we may offer your spot to another patient.


Please bring this with you if you require a referral.

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Order a polysomnogram

Step 1

Read the Sleep Laboratory Direct Referral Policy to find out who is eligible to proceed directly to the sleep lab without being seen in the Sleep Clinic first.

Step 2

Download the Polysomnogram Request Form.