Sports Medicine and Performance Center

Our Sports Medicine Research

Clinicians in CHOP’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center are actively involved in more than 30 current research projects and clinical trials.

Our clinicians collaborate with researchers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute and The Center for Applied Genomics at CHOP, one of the world's largest genetics research programs and the only center at a pediatric hospital to have large-scale access to state-of-the-art throughput genotyping technology.

Our clinical research focuses on evaluating operative and non-operative treatment in sports and medicine. With research we hope to gain a better understanding of what causes specific conditions and how best to treat each.

Our current areas of research include:

General sports

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Osteochondritis dissecans

Upper extremity

Lower extremity

Radial neck


Reviewed by: Theodore J. Ganley, MD, Lawrence Wells, MD, & John T. Lawrence, MD, PhD 
Date: April 2013

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