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Why choose us

Our specialty trained pediatric orthopedic surgeons and physicians are leaders in the field of sports medicine and offer comprehensive care for all athletic injuries. In addition, they offer our patients full access to other specialists at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia so all of their medical needs are met.

Some unique conditions and types of athletes we treat

Some unique conditions we treat include concussions, knee injuries, and hip injuries. Orthopaedic surgeons at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia have developed an innovative technique for treating ACL tears in young athletes with open growth plates. In addition, we use arthoscopic techniques to manage athletic hip injuries, including labral tears and femoral acetabular impingement. 

Although we treat all young athletes, some athletes such as gymnasts, dancers and skaters face unique sports demands. We have special expertise in this area to provide the best care possible.

Post-operative education information

For families

For information regarding your post-operative needs, post-operative protocols, and when to contact your surgeon, please contact us at 215-590-6919.

For professionals

Access post-operative protocol sheets

Contact us — we can help

For more information about the Center for Sports Medicine and Performance or to make an appointment, please call 215-590-6919. You may also contact us online


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