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Where to Get More Information About Stuttering

To find information on stuttering, many parents search libraries or talk with their pediatricians. While libraries may contain excellent books about stuttering, they may also include books with inappropriate or outdated information and recommendations. Also, most pediatricians have had very little training and experience with stuttering. We recommend the following reliable sources for parents searching for information about stuttering.

Consulting a professional

Rather than relying on libraries or your family pediatrician, it may be more appropriate to find answers about stuttering by contacting a speech-language pathologist, especially a Board-Recognized Specialist in Fluency Disorders (BRS-FD) who has extra training and expertise in this area.

A list of BRS-FDs can be found at:

Finding credible information on the Internet

Searching the internet has become a fast and efficient way to find information on stuttering for many parents. Typing the word "stuttering" into Google currently produces nearly 4 million results - many leading to very good information, others linking to very inappropriate information. For this reason, the following Internet resources are suggested as reliable sources of good information for parents.

Government sites

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders


Speech therapy sites

The American Speech-Language and Hearing Association

The Stuttering Foundation
Provides information and helpful materials at a reasonable cost. Free brochures, books and streamed videos include:

The Stuttering Home Page
This is a mega site of first-hand information, links to good information about stuttering, and free-available resources for parents who are concerned about their child's fluency. Parents may especially benefit from the following materials and sections:

Stuttering self-help organizations

The British Stammering Association
Stammering Information for children under 5

FRIENDS Who Stutter

The National Stuttering Association

Health information Web sites

Kids' Health for Parents

KidsHealth for Kids

Contributed by:
Judith Maginnis Kuster, CCC/SLP, BRS-FD
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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