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Patient Stories

Assistive therapies, including oxygen and mechanical ventilation enable Connor to lead a mostly normal childhood.

Read Connor's story.

Patient Stories

The Technology Dependence Center is a lifeline for Aaron and his family.

Read Aaron's story.


The Technology Dependence Center/Home Ventilation Program (TDC) cares for children with chronic lung disease who are in need of assistive therapies such as mechanical ventilation, airway clearance devices or an artificial airway. Our philosophy is that such technologies, when used appropriately, can allow for better growth and development and decrease the need for hospital care.

The Center provides ongoing assessment and treatment of conditions such as chronic respiratory failure and insufficiency in patients with neuromuscular disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia and airway anomalies.

The multidisciplinary team includes physicians, advanced practice nurses, nutritionists and social workers. We attempt to coordinate equipment and home nursing needs and communicate frequently with your primary physician and other consulting doctors.

The mission of the Technology Dependence Center is to:

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