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Pediatric Transplant Patient Stories

Our transplant patients share their stories in hopes that their experience can provide inspiration to other patients and families.

Pediatric Heart Transplant

Pediatric heart transplant patients share their stories:

Watch Katrina's pediatric heart transplant story on Youtube» 

Watch Olivia's pediatric heart transplant story on Youtube» 

Watch Destiny's pediatric heart transplant story on CBS 3 Philadelphia»

Pediatric Kidney Transplant

Having a pediatric kidney transplant was always on the horizon for this high school senior who was diagnosed with cystinosis at 14 months old.
Read Daniel's kidney transplant story

Pediatric Liver Transplant

This extraordinary little girl's pediatric liver transplant story was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Read Nadia's liver transplant story.

These premature infants received pediatric liver transplants and have gone on to live normal, healthy lives.
Read the liver transplant stories of Nora and Lucy

Pediatric Lung Transplant

This little boy had a pediatric lung transplant at five years of age after years of drug therapy and a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension at 17 months old.
Read Sankrit's lung transplant story

Pediatric BMT

Diagnosed as a baby with a rare cancer, Coco has had several rounds of chemotherapy and a special type of transplant that uses cells taken from donated umbilical cord blood.
Read Coco's stem cell transplant story.

Stage 4 pediatric neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer, required aggressive treatment, including stem cell transplantation for this energetic 3-year-old.
Read Charlie's stem cell transplant story.


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