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Pediatric Transplant Research

teen-boyAs one of the top hospitals in the world for pediatric organ transplant, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is also on the leading edge of pediatric transplant research that translates quickly from the lab to patient treatment and care.

We work collaboratively with our research partners to develop new therapies and approaches by studying the full spectrum of pediatric transplant, from pre-transplant and the conditions that lead to transplantation, to outcomes and survivorship. Here are our current pediatric transplant research focuses:

Improving Adolescent Adherence Rates

Two new NIH-funded studies opened in 2012 to test novel ways of supporting teenagers who have received solid organ transplants. Both examine potential solutions to a critical problem: the high number of adolescents who don’t take anti-rejection medications as prescribed. Learn about the new approaches to adolescent support being examined at CHOP »

Investigating a New Approach to Transplant and Autoimmune Treatment

CHOP nephrologist Ulf Beier, MD, is involved in a series of NIH-funded studies. They examine whether modifying a subset of cells found in the immune system could lead to better treatment options for recipients of solid organ transplants and for those fighting autoimmune disease. Learn how this research could one day lead to alternative drugs for immune suppression »

Immune Suppression Withdrawal

There is a huge potential benefit to develop methods to decrease the need for immune suppression in organ transplant recipients. Immune suppressed individuals have an increased risk of infection, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and other complications compared to the general population. When it was observed that some liver transplant recipients have done well off of their medication, it caught the attention of transplant physicians around the world. Learn how CHOP will participate in studies involving immune suppression withdrawal in children » 

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